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Default Gaming build on a 850$ Budget

Hey all,

I'm going to be building a gaming computer that will be mostly used for gaming.

Here is the pcpartpicker link:
AMD FX-6300, MSI GeForce GTX 670, Corsair 200R - System Build - PCPartPicker Canada

I am set for all peripherals, and I will be buying around Christmas time.


CPU: I decided to go with an AMD because of the price/performance ratio. I really like the price on the FX 6300 and I will probably decided to overclock in the near future.

GPU: Since I saved money on the CPU I decided to go with a 670. I will mainly be playing GPU dependant games (BF3, BL2 etc.) and I also like the fact that it has two games I will be buying no matter what (AC3 and BL2).

Case: Open to suggestions, don't really want a Zalman Z11, don't really like the look. But the 200r is a bit plain.

HDD: I don't use much space on my computers, on my 2 year old laptop I have only used 230GBs of space on a 750GB HDD. That's with all my games as well.

Memory: It was on sale for 14$ on Black Friday, haven't bothered to change it. And I think that it's going to be too tall for that HSF. Any suggestions on a lower profile memory?

Thanks for reading this wall of text!
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