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My System Specs


ANY drive will fail - whether it's 5 seconds or 10 years into its lifespan is hard to predict. Always have a backup for this reason.

I'm running on quite a few "older" drives in my household. My parents' backup drive is from 2006, my brothers' drives are from 2007, and all the rest are from between 2008-2010. Every one of my HDDs is "pre-flood" because I haven't gotten enough stuff to fill the 3x 1.5TB I bought, and I use SSDs for OS. When I go to "reinstate" a hard drive, I do the following:
  1. Record SMART attributes
  2. Wipe the drive with at least 3 passes
  3. Run SMART extended test
  4. Look at SMART attributes again
If the drive survives all that without # of bad sectors going up, I continue to use the drive.

A little bit ago I posted a list of tools that you can use for the poking and prodding: Troubleshooting Essentials
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