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My System Specs


Little progress.. more in experimenting on the already messed up door

Considered a round window for the side and wanted to see how the hole saw would work on it

and laid out for a square window

Hole saw worked well and cut both aluminum skins nice,drilled in both directions

you can see in this pic did a nice job and plastic is nicely cut

When i cut the square out for the window with a 36 tpi jigsaw blade it cut clean but not as nice as the holesaw

I used a heatgun to remove what was left of the aluminum skin off the door to release the adhesive
it did get easier to remove but I could never get a full panel off without denting it in the process....its pretty thin

also I will need different u-channel moulding if I stick with these doors mine isnt wide enough to cover this thickness
Now I am considering a few other options for the doors
Scratch doors or perhaps I will make custom mdf trim moulding for window
these plastic doors get quite wobbly once you remove the skins
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