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My System Specs


One more question, assuming I slotted in another GTX 680 this year and next year If I were to swap the 920/X58 platfrom for LGA 2011/3930k + upgrade the H100 to a custom cooling loop would that warrant a PSU upgrade when I move to LGA 2011
Originally Posted by Arinoth View Post
I can't remember if the 680s use less power then the 580s, but when I ran sli on 580s I could not run them and my CPU overclocked on a 850W power supply as I would end up pulling too much, cause video drivers to fail/crash and sort of get a soft crash. Seeing as you're using a more power hungry processor then what I'm using (2600k) I'd be very wary of running the 680s above stock.
Ok I will keep that in mind Arinoth. I do not plan on overclocking the GPU's however, the slight increase in FPS doesn't really justify the extra power draw or fan noise in my opinion

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