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Default LGA 2011 or 1155?

Hey guys, I'm starting a new build soon with not much trouble except i'm at a loss for which CPU i should go with. Seeing as the sockets I'm choosing between will be LGA 2011 or LGA 1155, I originally was going to go with the 2011 socket for home projects, but with the rumor of The IB Extreme Edition coming out soon next year I was wondering what is your opinion?

Should I stick with a 1155 IB build and just wait to see what CPU socket the extreme edition IB is coming out on? Or should I scrap it and go LGA 2011?

For Reference the CPU's I were thinking of were: 3930k/3960x SB or 3770k IB

The applications I would be using this for will be varied so really any application you think I will be using this for is up in the air except for a home server setup/business, I know i will never setup anything like that anytime soon.

EDIT: Thank you for the quick response guys! For now I will stick with the 3770k I can live without heavy processing applications for a while as I wont need it for some time, just needed some advice and you always help me out as always!

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