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You guys have to consider there's more at work then just the connectivity between LTE and HS(D)PA. The CPU in these small devices, RAM too in some cases make the world of difference with processing websites (browsing software too!) and starting up apps. It's super hard to compare an ancient BB single cored @ 600 mhz then an S4 (pro) at 1.5ghz with four times the amount of RAM. I'm not denying LTE has significant advantages in speed, latency, range, etc, but all other things being mostly equal, The differences between them, when they are even noticeable, are indeed as per Sky, not a game-changer, and IMO, not worth the more significant decrease in battery life. But that being said, oh boy is it fast when it's enabled and you're in a good area!

@b1lk1 - I'm hardly frothing, I'm trying to get your head out of your respective arse mate, and look at things from a different perspective other then if a device has expandable storage, and what considerations that means. And I do like Google perhaps, but more so I like the phone they're offering and the competition it can bring. You originally replied to a post under which LTE was mentioned as the 'gimp' - so that was my original response. My opinions do not only lead to this particular phone though. There are many other phones out there that I would find acceptable without LTE (Like the S2X, for sure! great phone, though not as technologically advanced as more modern devices) or expandable storage (iPhone?), not just the nexus. Clearly iPhone sales indicate that either there really are iSheep in this world (My personal opinion ;) or that expandable storage doesn't massively matter to much to most smartphone purchasers. It's all a matter of perspective, but if a phone seriously came with a TB of space, you'd still want expandable storage? Why? You've yet to communicate your reasoning other then it's 'gimped' or 'I want this CAUSE I SAID SO'. You talk about the phone's one flaw and call it outright gimped, and I believe that your perspective is a little one tracked in that regard and extremely short-sighted. I think your hate of Google is also playing in here too. As I said, it's not a fit for everybody, but it's a big umbrella that covers most folk. e-penis fits into an equation when deciding on a phone more often then I think people realize.

For full disclosure, I have a 16GB GS3, which comes with both LTE and expandable storage. And yes I currently have a nice SD card in there, so I've used a device with both LTE and more memory, and I can say that I would not miss it if they weren't there.
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