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Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
Some good points have been raised about the need for LTE. Personally, I am just fine with the HSPA+ on my Blackberry 9900, even when I use it as a wireless modem for on-the-go browsing. At this point, I feel that LTE is simply being used as a way for companies to market their very much stale services. Using LTE is absolutely great but with today's ridiculous download caps on wireless networks (200MB, WTF!?) most people will never see the benefits.
That's the problem right there, you're using a Blackberry, you're not going to see the need for LTE when using such a dated OS. I've been using LTE for a year now, and there is absolutely no way I can go back to HSPA. It's not just about speed, it's about latency and the overall experience; I load an app that accesses web info, and it's up nearly instantly and that to me is a huge advantage. You wouldn't notice any of this on a current gen BB because it's such a terrible experience aside from email. When I had my Bold 9900, I didn't use it for anything other than email because it was just so bad at everything else...

LTE is a great leap in technology for the wireless industry, and with my 6GB plan on Rogers, I have no complaints about caps as it's more than enough for my needs, and most of the base on Canadian carriers.
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