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Originally Posted by Soultribunal View Post
I would in all honesty tell them your total situation. Be kind and Fair, but let them know that this is costing you money to get another RMA done and see what happens. I find that if you are fair and kind to the vendor but firm you get the best end result.

PNY is a big unknown for a lot since they cater to a market that is not so much you and I.
But, I have had phenomonal support from that company.

Ok. I sent a message to EVGA and am now just waiting for a response. And I was a bit iffy about PNY for the reasons you mentioned, but it is good to have a reccomendation for them. I've wondered about using their products in the past, but you don't find too many reviews for tehm so I tend to skip over them for anything other than micro SD cards.
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