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Originally Posted by Jaded1 View Post
Just an update on this. I put in a RMA, and after two weeks got a replacement from EVGA. I was excited. However, one week later after installing it, I began to have some of the same issues I was having with the original card though on a lesser scale. I hesitate to blame EVGA, but it's been about five days since I removed the replacement card from my system and I haven't had a single problem. So I guess I'll be looking into getting a gtx 650ti after all (and if I'm lucky maybe I can have my family get it for Christmas). I really don't want to get another card from EVGA, but as it looking now that may be my only option as that one is rated higher than the others, and seems to be the only card that will fit in my case without causing me overheating issues.

No no no, don't accept the fact that it is still happening. Contact EVGA Right away, you deserve the right to have a working card within your warranty period. I would contact them right away.

If you seriously want to get something like a 650TI and don't want EVGA, get PNY.


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