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Ridiculous set of assumptions by various sites. This isn't doom and gloom at all.

What I am seeing is a departure from the typical Tick / Tock mentality. It now looks like the "Tock" (ie: moving to a new architecture, in this case Broadwell) will be focused upon BGA packaging in order to optimize Intel's offerings in the mobile space / SFF space. Meanwhile, the "Tock 1/2" will likely be Broadwell cascading upwards into LGA packaging around the time of Skylake.

The ONLY way to be totally sure of Intel's next steps is to see a roadmap that also includes Skylake and Skymont.

Intel may also be going back to a dual roadmap mentality. It seems may seem to forget that back in the Dothan / Prescott days, Intel was moving along parallel courses with P6 and Netburst.
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