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My System Specs


Originally Posted by antonin View Post
Thanks everyone! I'll look into one of the PSU specials. I'm on the fence as far as a graphics card is concerned. I don't know what to expect with the graphics capabilities of the I5. If I can afford it, I'll definitely try to take memory up to 32GB. I'm planning on doing this build over the holidays in December.
Played L4D2 (not max'd) pretty well with the on-board when I was building my brothers machine. Not gonna be happy for anything really shiny but it will play games.

on the ram, go 2x8GB unless the stuff your doing with VM's is reasonably heavy or you run multiple instances at the same time etc etc. can run 3 VM's on my box with 6GB without issue.. it would be better to have more though and really does depend on what your doing.

If you find you need more.. just add 2 more sticks later..

See what you can do within your budget, 3770k would definitely be better but again depends on your usage. I would however go for the i7 before upping the ram or a GPU, ram etc is easy to add later, cpu's are a little more painful in that you'd have to sell and then upgrade not to mention take everything apart.

You have to weigh up your budget vs your needs and prioritise where to spend.
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