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My System Specs


@Larkstarr, you really need to take a break from the keyboard once and awhile. Seriously. If Technology can get frothing at the mouth like a Baptist preacher at a porn star convention, you are just far too concerned about Google's future and their likeability.

To me, and to many others, no expandable storage is a deal killer for ANY phone. Why is that such a difficult concept for people to understand? An iPhone could have 1TB of memory and I wouldn't buy one. Apple has taken gimping to an olypmic level.

@Jake HT: I never complained about the price. I will add that while I can't get a matching phone for the same price, I CAN get a Galaxy S II X with close enough specs with the features I want for $250. If anything, I am a fan of LG phones, I miss my Optimus One and if Koodo had a decent high end LG phone I'd very likely jump all over it.

LTE has never even been a part of my thought process with ANY phone really.
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