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My System Specs


He does have a point -- it's a good phone, with most of the usual specs. Let's also keep in mind the Nexus line is sold worldwide, and LTE isn't particularly widespread even in the industrialised countries. It's still capable of 42 Mbs (funny thing is that LTE still doesn't qualify under the old 4G standard, that'll take LTE-Advanced).

If people are paying attention, flagship phones are coming as often as not without expandable storage. Carriers like the idea of phones which are reliant on the cloud, because that means data charges.

The Nexus 4 gives people a choice: a flagship phone in all but storage and LTE; spend $250 more to get a phone identical except for an SD card and LTE (AT&T version of the LG Optimus G); or spend the same amount and get stuck in a three-year inflated contract.
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