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I don't see how the phone is 'gimped' with the exclusion of LTE. HS(D)PA is plenty quick, and LTE is known to be a fraking battery sucker. The phone's board is clearly shared with other LG products, the fact that they didn't have to design a whole new layout/architecture is where some of the cost savings comes from.

I'm pretty picky with technology usually, but I usually disable LTE on my phone for better battery savings.

I want someone to honestly say they can't live without LTE connectivity. I'm not saying it doesn't help or it isn't faster, it's just not really a deal breaker, at least for me. Hell the phone's otherwise pretty damn high end for $300-$350! You can't get a used iPhone 4 for that price! The small entrants (Wind, public, etc) are going to have a ball with this.
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