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As much as I love to recommend AMD for more budget builds, I know firsthand that GW2 likes GPU over CPU, and I also do love my future-proofing. I'd go with an Bond's suggestion of some type of i5, paired with a decent video card. Best part is you can upgrade the card later to something beefier if finances allow, whereas crossfiring the A10 is limited to a specific series and model of card. You could even fish around for an older, used video card on here.

a dual-core will easily handle a game and voice/music in the background, and I don't think you'll actively be using a browser and a game at the same time. the 3470, as suggested is a quad anyways.

Curiously, what is your current/last build? I think if you're going to want it to last a few years and still play modern games, you might have to invest a little more cash into something solid.
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