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My System Specs


Originally Posted by NyteOwl View Post
I was looking at those. Been kind of hoping for an update on another review site due to a comment in their conclusions:

"Our replacement 840 Pro also died prematurely, I'd recommend holding off any purchases until we hear back from Samsung as to the cause of death."

That was the last week in Spetember so I'm not sure what ever came of that.
-for the record
- it seems all 6 [2@ Aand, 4 @ hard ] dead 840pro's had non retail firmware.

-have a retail on on my desk to replace my 2x 120gb g2's in raid0.
-any other single drive seemed equal to what I had /have so with the 840pro it should be nice ,
AS-SSD bench from 820pts raid0 to 1150pts with no raid with the pro.
-been running raid 0 for the OS from 2006 so it's time to move on.
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