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Just to followup with my post on here .... I have now gone from a X-fi Xtrememusic - realtek hd (onboard) - Xonar DX combined with my hero modded PC 350's in the last now 2 months.

I can say in the X-fi to onboard situation .... lost 1/2 of the amplification (output overall) & bass went from good to NONE whatsoever.

In going to the DX from the previous 2 solutions .... the volume level in windows actualy give volume increase 1-100 (didnt with the X-fi, barely did onboard). I also notice more amplification output from the DX vs the X-fi .. say probly around a increase around 33% might be accurate. Also even thought the 1 poster on here disagreed with my saying onboard uses cpu cycles badly .. I DID see a substantial reduction in cpu usage when I moved from onboard to the DX sound solutions & fps did increase slightly cause of this.

Conclusion: IF your looking to power a higher end set of headphones ... investing in a soundcard IS a MUST!
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