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My System Specs


The memory of the card is like a dedicated RAM where it will stock all the textures and stuff, to give u an idea, crysis modded on ultra will need 1gb on 1080p.If you play on multi monitor setup,it's recommended to have more memory,or if you play today's games on ultra,BF3 uses around 1.5 gb of GPU memory on ultra,but this card won't run it smoothly on ultra anyway.

Bigger is the resolution ,more VRAM (GDDR5) you will use.

So i would say that 2gb will be a lot for small GPU like that.Because you won't have to stock ultra HD textures.But if you wanna play recent games on ultra ,you will need probably more than 1gb.

If it was me, for 20 bucks more, i'd go for the 2gb... because if it's bottlenecked by VRAM, then the game has to stock the texture in the hard drive and it's much slower,may DESTROY your FPS...
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