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Originally Posted by altereDad View Post
The only issue with OCZ is the fact the company had been giving itself away. Fear in readers were driving them to think OCZ as a company was folding. Who knows in the long run if they do at this point. They are attempting something to "salvage" the company I suspect. I wouldn't be put off from getting one. I saw a Black Friday deal cutting a 240 GB down to just over $100. I missed out because it sold out relatively quick.
The reason people are worried isn't because of quality of drives or anything, it's a matter of the warranty going away with the company if something happens. If you don't care about that and you are fine with going out and buying another drive outright if something happens to yours, then take advantage of the price drop. I just like to mitigate risk, and part of that is buying from companies that I know will most likely be around for the life of my product to service it if need be.
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