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Originally Posted by Phill View Post
I am sorry I read this thread and this caught my eye. Running a computer in the cold will not cause condensation to form. It as others have mentioned when one brings the cold PC back into a warm environment that one should be concerned. It is then that the cold PC cools the warmer air to its dewpoint that condensation occurs.

My analogy will be eyeglasses for people in winter. They leave the warm house and go into the cold. Nothing happens aside from the warm glasses cooling. However, when a person with cold glasses enters a warm environment they "fog up". The cold glass cool the warm the air to dewpoint and condensation occurs.
Maybe I am missing something then, I need to do a little more research because I know you get it even on exhuast for example which is hot comming into direct contact with cold air forms water droplets as your car sits there and idles from the moisture in the air. Or, you take a hot object from microwave and put it outside you get instant condensation.

As well, I know when doing DICE Runs you insulate the board because the differential of hot and cold causes condensation.

I could very well be wrong, so I will research the science behind it when I get home to see if it coninsides with my memory. It isn't so much a matter of warm to cold, as how great the difference is inbetween.


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