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Default new air cooler

hello canuckers

basically, I will start overclocking soon, i had did earlier but it was in stock fan and the temps were rising to around 60 degrees to 70 degrees during the stress test. sometimes it wud 80, so I thoought of coming back to normal mode until i get a new cooler.

Not looking for water coolers atm, so any air cooler out there to do the job??

I have, AMD AM3+ Phenom X2 560
Gigabyte 880ga ud3h
NZXT 210 Elite

And after doing a little research, I have found 2 contenders

Scythe Mugen 3 on Ebay
Deepcool Assassin on my local online store

So out of this, which one should I go for?? and if there is anything else that can be used, please suugest me

thank you
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