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Originally Posted by fubar View Post
Which one out of those (for 120/128GB)?

I'm just curious. Do these use TRIM? I'm not up to date on SSDs. :-)

I think a 120/128 with other larger HDDs make sense to me. But, I guess the SSD is for the OS and running some programs? Whereas, the HDD 500/1TB/2TB is for storage and if you need constant access or something?
TRIM is a O/S feature . yea use it for storage but more so that your not constant writing to the SSD drive like for browser Cache and download folder things like that .. Follow Seans guide on how to setup your SSD

if your game is a dog loading maps then put it on the SSD but if it's pretty good at loading then put it on the HDD , that is about the only reason I can see putting a game on a SSD . You kinda have to think about what games or programs will benefit from being on the SSD
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