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My System Specs


Originally Posted by fubar View Post
Is this a good card? What's the best Nvidia card for $100-ish?

I noticed there aren't too many 650 Ti cards for under $150. As of right now, there's a 650 Ti Zotac card for $100. Looks like a good deal. Any thoughts on Zotac?

How much of a step up is the Ti from the standard 650?

I want to upgrade my card Geforce 7xxx series but only budgeting $100-ish and I can't buy until later this week, at the earliest.

I don't want to go ATI/AMD. I prefer the Kepler cards. It's not really for gaming.... just powerful for HTPC but if I wanted to game or do graphical work, I could.

Any advice?
I would ask someone like ST as he already has a 650 Ti in his main rig. I honestly love the 660 and 660 Ti those are what I run and for a extra $50 you can get a good Zotac 660/660 Ti when they go on sale.

Zotac is a great company with good tech support in my experience and they usually have kewl colour schemes
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