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tonight at 8pm EST, I'll be on CDXLIV's livestream helping out on the DH educational monday. (cdxliv)

for those who don't go on reddit, or check out livestreams, I'd suggest checking it out. I've learned a lot from this stream, and they got me hooked into the twitch community. Its actually because of them, I've built up most of my characters.. (WD isn't 60 yet).. phoenixrage#1568 - Community - Diablo III

CDXLIV currently holds the "record" for MP10 azmodan kill @ 13.6 seconds ( World Record MP 10 Azmodan Kill 13.6s 10.1M DPS - YouTube )

Here's the past results from previous educational mondays.

CM Wiz: - although they say it can be made for a much lower budget and still do perma freeze, just will lack DPS.
WW Barb:

for WW barbs wanting to paragon farm in low MP levels check this out.

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