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Originally Posted by Bloodystumps View Post
WD black 1TB $99 as secondary that works out to be about $230 plus tax with one of the 128 drives if I was doing it right now that is the way I would go the 500gb is only about $10 less then the 1tb

Primary drive 830 Samsung 128 $132 or the Crucial m4 for $99 or the Intel 520 For $140 I think these would be the best for the 128 size if you wanted to boost to the 256 the Samsung 256 with AC3 for $290
Which one out of those (for 120/128GB)?

I'm just curious. Do these use TRIM? I'm not up to date on SSDs. :-)

I think a 120/128 with other larger HDDs make sense to me. But, I guess the SSD is for the OS and running some programs? Whereas, the HDD 500/1TB/2TB is for storage and if you need constant access or something?
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