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Damn, I think I'm gunna get that bundle cause it comes with same 1TB HDD, legit OS, and a DVDRW + is AMD spec like you suggested would be better for integrated graphics. Hmmmm.

Then I'd just need to get peripherals.

PC BUNDLE: NCIX PC Bundle Deal AMD Athlon II X4 640 8GB 1TB DVDRW 760G 350W MSI Case Windows 8 Assembled $369.99
SPEAKERS: Logitech X-140 2.0 5W $29.99
KEYBOARD: Microsoft 800 $14.99 OR Rosewill Wireless mouse/keyboard combo $49.99
MONITOR: LG E2242C-BN 21.5" $89.99

Total: $505 or $540 + TAX and S&H

She has a 30IN LCD TV, you think it would be possible/advisable to use that via HDMI cable instead of buying a monitor at the present time? Does that bundle have an HDMI port?

EDIT: Okay there is a VGA port on the TV she has. Does the VGA limit the screen resolution options you'd get or is that solely about your computers graphics. Like would using HDMI versus VGA enable you to get higher resolution setting for your desktop?

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