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Default Help Wanted - Budget PC Build

Building computer for sister, ditching her old laptop for a desktop.

Budget: ~$500
Location: Canada.

Looking for a modest sized computer for everyday use that wont get easily taxed by image editing software and the like.

- Not a gaming rig. Don't need amazing graphics card. Something lower end that does the job. Maybe I can get away with integrated?
- ATX or Micro ATX. Smaller is better, but would be nice to preserve some future upgradability/additions.
- Aiming for 8GB memory to avoid any sluggishness
- 500GB+ HDD. Or can get less now, and upgrade in the future.
- Need monitor (20" or better)
- Need wireless keyboard
- Need speakers (Something simple, but not totally crap)
- Can reuse old wireless mouse

Would be a plus if I could get everything in one order from one online website like DirectCanada, NCIX,, etc. But not necessary. Looking to build as soon as possible, any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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