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For the longest time, the stock Fuzion CPU block and the bowed Apogee GTX were basically neck-and-neck, depending on the alignment of the stars and other such things. The Fuzion seemed to be a lot more consistent, and once the nozzle/bowing kit came out, it pulled ahead. But even against the best of the newcomers, it's still a phenomenal block. That said, it's bloody hard to find for sale anymore, since most retailers have pushed their stock out and replaced it with the V2.

I wasn't aware that there were any issues with running the FuZion GFX blocks on SLI/Xfire setups. You still need the second slot, but beyond that, there shouldn't be any issues.

Also, since the guide is intended for newcomers to the sport, you might assuming a little bit of familiarity on their part. Phrases like "Do I really need to explain this block?" aren't necessarily rhetorical in this situation, remember.

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