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My advice, go with a larger drive. The price difference is negligible, and going with something a bit bigger at the onset means less bother in the long run. It's the same idea as buying 1GB DIMMS vs 2GB or 4GB. It might be cheaper in the short run, but when you have to pull them all out when you next want to upgrade because your mainboard is full, it's extra bother and it will be hard to sell your 1GBs which will probably only be good for keychains.

Say you catch a 60gb ssd for $50 on sale somewhere. A 120 will probably also be on sale for under $100, and I've seen 240gb ssd's on sale for $149 to $159. Next year the prices will shift down a step further, and 60gb probably won't even be available because the cost of manufacturing would make 60Gb SSD and below not worth it.

Still with me? Good. Let's do the math.

$50 for 60gb, $99 for 120gb, $159 for 240gb.
In relative costs this translates to
1, 1.98X (twice the capacity), 3.18X (four times the capacity)

Of course, in calculating this I'm assuming no taxes, or shipping. I'm in BC, so if you figure $10 shipping and 12% tax on top of everything, the value proposition in going with a bigger drive is even better.

$67.20, $122.88, $189.28
In relative costs this translates to
1, 1.82X (twice the capacity), 2.81X (four times the capacity)

If budget constraints are forcing you to go with a 60gb ssd, then it's not really a question open for discussion in the first place, but since you're asking I'm thinking you have some wriggle room. Buy a bigger drive if you can afford it.

Originally Posted by shogunsilly View Post
Hello all,

Looking to boot my os (win 7 ult. 64bit) from an ssd

Would an intel 520 series ssd '60GB' been large enough?

everything else (games etc) will come off a dedicated hdd or an additional Ssd

cheers guys
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