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I don't have experience with the Genius or CA speakers, but the Logitech speakers are excellent, well worth the $99 sale price. I would not hesitate to buy them again.

Originally Posted by AJR View Post
Hey all,

I want to buy new speakers for my parents' computer for Christmas, but I'm having a tough time choosing. I'd like to get the best possible sound for under $100, which I know is cheap, and that I could get much better sound for more, but I'm on a budget.

I've mainly been looking at 2.1 sets because there's no place to put "surround" rear speakers where my parents have their computer.

These are the ones I've read about so far, but any and all suggestions are VERY welcome:

Cyber Acoustics Subwoofer Satellite System (CA-3602)

Genius SW-G2.1 1250 2.1 Speaker System

Logitech Speaker System Z623

And finally, a related question: Would sub $100 speakers such as these benefit from a dedicated sound card, or is onboard sound fine?

Thanks so much!
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