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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Skippman View Post
Which would work great, if my computer wasn't behing me. I needed a 20ft cable. Ended up getting a 25' dual link DVI cable for $25 at Micro Center. Working great now! All I'm waiting for is that 20ft USB 3.0 cable to come in. Don't worry, it has a built in repeater. I just wish this thing had the media card reader the U2711 does. Seems kinda odd the left it off.
Ahhh, the cables always do seem too short even when the machine is right there.

Originally Posted by muse108dc View Post
I'm looking at getting this model some time fairly soon I think but I'm curious as to the difference between a full 16:10 ratio monitor and this being a 16:9. Will I notice it going from a 22 to a 27 first of all.

And I do plan on using this for my main gaming monitor as well, should I expect to notice ghosting coming from a 2ms response time or is it really a non issue at this point?
I doubt you will notice a change going to 16:9 but that is because of the high resolution on this one. Cause no matter what 22 you have you will be getting quite a bit more vertical resolution than you had before.
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