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Well i finally had the chance to play is a cool game i will admit but i prefer warz still....everyone always bitchin about the hacks and bugs its ridiculous.I have been playing since the 31st and i have only seen 2 hax the whole time and i play every single night.As for the bugs so fin what the games in alpha its gonna have bugs.They have the big patch coming tuesday which is addressing alot of bug issues.And what you said about them charging ppl to play alpha headshot was the players themselves who got that going.They were not gonna release it untill a lil further into beta,but the players wanted it in alpha.So they had a poll on the forums who wanted it in alpha who wanted it in beta and ppl wanting it in alpha won by a landside.So that is a false statement from you.Also we are not paying just to get alpha you still get the game in beta and full release so we were not just paying to play alpha...Straight up i could care less who making money and who's not,or if someone ripped off someone else's project i could care less.They are not making me play this game,I made up my OWN mind that i wanted to give them 20 bux so i could play..Its an awesome game in my book regardless of what others think about
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