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Originally Posted by botat29 View Post
I run Linux Mint since a wild in VM, and I want to install it for good on my main PC. ( Will get out this Windows 8 no sense)

I have few question about the drive partition.

For now I have a 40 GB SSD and a 2 TB Mecanical formated to NTFS with data one it. ( I have an extra new 2 TB HD )

So the question; If I connect only the 40 GB SSD and I install Mint , can I simply connect the 2 TB after and have access to my Data , or will be better to install the 40 SSD and a blank 2 TB GB and then transfer the data on it since I have a duplicate on my 2012 servers . In boot case, what is the best way to create partitions, keep in mind that I don't really create partition in Linux before.
Linux can read from NTFS just fine and write to it to it fine but its still a "heed of caution to do it" sort of thing.

Windows can read from EXT3 and EXT4 with a driver installed.
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