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Originally Posted by enaberif View Post
Why are you standing up so much for WarZ? Are you so blindsided by the crappy game and all its shininess and glossiness you can't see the thousands of issues that IS rampant in it?

Or are you just being 1 sided to be argumentative.
I see the Issues... I play the game, Do you?
I PLAY THE GAME, Is the key here, I dont care who made what, Who copied what from who.
I play games. When Dayz comes out, I will try it and see what game i like more.

If i can capitalize on someone elses idea and Make $$ I will, And so will you, Deal with it, Its human nature.

Coming in here just to bash a game you dont like, is not really needed. You could start the 1000000 thread about "Dayz vs WarZ" And have the fight in it.
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