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Originally Posted by Chromey View Post
I really Could care less who ripped who off.

I buy games too play. Let them figure it out, Im not taking sides.

War Z in Alpha has been better then alot of games ive played that were production.

I wont By Arma Modded DayZ or Standalone Dayz if its a P.O.S

If its good, when its done Ill try it. BUT They really should stop bitching, They sound like little bitches.
Shut up and make a better product, Stop crying.
DayZ Mod is already a superior product is what I'm getting at. WarZ looks like they threw it together in about a month or two to cash in on DayZ's success which is exactly what is going on. If you want to compare, it's like saying a Zynga game is way better and the original developer is whiny because they accuse them of copying their game. A soulless company making games for pure profits (and yes, I realize games are made to make profits) without doing any sort of creative work on their own. The only 'creative' work they've done is throw in a Cash Store where you can buy weapons before you spawn so you can go 'survive' with your military grade weapons. Srsly why not just play War Inc., it's free.

I'm not hating on it because they are copying DayZ's idea, because I would LOVE to have another game similar to it that is just as good or better. In fact there is a game similar to it called Dead Linger that is in development and there's also Project Zomboid which isn't really a shooter, but zombie survival. No problems with them. I'm hating on it because their devs (or at least the project lead) are blatantly making it solely to cash in on the success and have no interest in actually making an indepth experience. They made sure to start cashing in before DayZ's standalone release, so they charge people for access to an Alpha which was probably thrown together in a month or two AND they also have to disrespect rocket by pulling all this shit.

Wouldn't you feel a little shitty if you made an extremely popular mod that hundered of thousands of people have played, then to have another company come in and mimic everything about this idea you had and the months of work you put into, to cash in on it? The DayZ mod was made buy 1 guy, who now has a dev team to work on a standalone product. It's not like the guy made any money off of the mod. I'll eat my words if DayZ standalone is a failure, but I really really doubt it will be.
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