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You don't need cross fire or sli to play any online fps atm a solid oc'd card can get much mileage and save you alot of money over going dual.

The extreme 4 is good if your sticking with ambient solutions and just gaming.

I really love my asrock oc formula . it has great ram setup as well with the new bios update im running 24/7 2666 mhz mem timings on my patriot black momba 2133's on nick shi's mem profile.

Personally id go with a asus 7970 matrix as most people are yeilding 1300core 1800 mem minimum overclocks on them. my second choice would be a 7970 gigabyte oc card which i have and have great sustained air ocs on.

if you want 3d go nvidia though their packages are more widely used and known to work better.

the 3570k is a great choice

get a 2nd fan for the 212 evo and it will help you oc further. i have yet to see 4.7 un-achievable on that chip with decent cooling.

if your going to have a storage drive in your pc why not just use intel srt and a fast 60gb cash drive they work amazingly. i can hardly notice a differnce from the boot times on builds ive done to my personal 240gb corsair GT which in itself is a very fast ssd.

750w psu should be fine that tx750 is a great psu many say it will pull more watt than stated as it is.

cases are all preference based just make sure it has ample air flow.

good luck
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