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Default One Win8 Users Experience

I upgraded to Windows 8 to break the 16GB RAM ceiling in my Windows 7 Home version rather than pay the bigger bucks to upgrade to Windows 7 Pro ( 8 was cheaper and available at the store). I've since re configured my rig to be a dual boot because of the compatibility problems I had with 80% of my games. Six out of the 8 games I tried would not work in 8. I even went to Codemaster's website to see if there was a way to make their games (Dirt3 & Showdown) work in Win8 but the reply I got from the game's makers is that neither game is supported in Windows 8.

There is a forum I found dedicated to Windows 8 Windows 8 Forums that's been helpful to this hi-tech grandpa. They have one ongoing thread on games that work and games that don't and what you can try to do to make them work.

I gave up, it was easier just to go dual boot and decide if it was playtime (Win7) or worktime (Win8) because MS Office 10 and Adobe Photoshop work well in Win8.

I open Win8 and spend 90% of my time in the desktop section and only venture into the place formerly known as Metro if I absolutely have to. I have not found much use for the apps yet but if I spent some time with it maybe it would grow on me.

One thing really bugs me to no end is that MS has made you choose to either have Internet Explorer 10 your default or not using it at all because it has problems operating if not your default browser ~ MS help says that the solution to this problem is simple ~ make IE10 your default browser. BUT I don't want IE10 to be my default. So it is not and it does not work, I live, Chrome works fine in the Desktop mode.

As a Win8 user I cannot recommend it unless you like to be on the bleeding edge of technological change or have one of those expensive touch screens (like $800??) and I would find it uncomfortable reaching across my desk to touch a big screen.


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