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My System Specs


I also share the same opinion - Windows 7 looks like a real desktop OS, Windows 8 is horrible in that regards, why shove the mobile/touch screen look down our throats. Big mistake no behalf of Microsoft but it seems the direction they are headed, and away from desktop PCs, so be it. The loading time is faster due to the new loader, it preloads some of win8. As to DX11, I would not worry much about it, won't Win7 receive updates anyways ? Besides, how many games will be DX11, let alone even DX10.

I'm staying with Win7 - No thanks to a touch screen interface on my desktop PC, I bloody hate it.

Besides, win7 is going to be a viable OS for a long time from what I can see. Saying Win8 will be another vista is a bit exaggerated IMO, but nonetheless, mobile and tablet and desktop PC are 2 distint markets, they should NEVER *EVER* be merged, desktop PC interface is one thing, leave the mobile / tablet / touch screen interface where it belongs........Not on my PC, no thank you M$.
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