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Originally Posted by Chromey View Post
Oh no dean dosent like competition booohoooo.
I wont play a busted arma patch does it make a big deal.....nope
It isn't competition when the game is almost in a worse state than the DayZ MODIFICATION to ARMA2 is and costs more than what DayZ standalone will cost once it's released. Everything, they have copied from DayZ. They lied about the game being in development for over a year, when clearly it was War Inc assets with a couple of new models thrown in for zombies. One of the developers even admitted they didn't have AI implemented for them until Alpha was released, and now they take the name that Dean has been calling the release build of DayZ and use it for one of their own builds? They even used WARZ for their name. I mean do you not see how blatant of a rip off this game is and the blatant money grab it is? They use the DayZ MODICICATION's shortcomings as a selling point, even though now they are having the same problems with their game! (Hacking, expolits, bugs). The lead dev even came out and was gloating about how hack free their engine is, followed by hackers in-game the next day.

By now you should've realized that DayZ in it's current state is a MOD. A mod for Arma2. Arma2 was not meant for a game like DayZ. They are releasing a stand alone product in December (that was supposed to be called the "Foundation" release, that WarZ is now using) that will not allow for scripting like there is now in the mod, almost everything will be serverside like an MMO, and an updated engine - which even Arma2's engine from 2007 is better than the War INC engine. So anyways, just letting you know why I'm not buying this game and will let other people know to not waste any cash on it. If you want to support a bunch of scumbags trying to earn an easy buck by stealing someone else's idea (and implementing it poorly I might add) then go ahead. I'm still convinced this game is a scam and I bet you'll see development on it stop abruptly.
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