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Default Possible Revision of my raven02 wc'd build

Hey guys I just wanted to share my thoughts aswell as collect suggestions and feedback from the community on some possible upcoming changes to my Raven: Nevermore build.

The idea is dropping the tri-sli gtx 570s as I tend to not want the massive power consumption and I feel like running them outside of SLI isn't enough to power my 2560x1440 monitor. I was thinking about moving to a 690 to conserve space and electricity while still increasing performance. I was also considering two 7970s(Seems like good value but I've never liked dealing with Radeon Cards). Note I will be water cooling and I'm leaning towards a 690 with the xspc block to match my raystorm and adding red LEDs to the CPU and GPU blocks.

Also I want to move from my 2600k to a 3770k on a z77 board so I can get TRIM in raid 0 with two Mushkin Chronos Deluxe drives I got from Bobbylou. Also possibly pick up his M5E for the board. Along with the makeover I would move my current 500gb steam drive to a raid 1 of some 2tb seagate barracudas.

Finally I'm currently using a Auzentech Forte for it's low profile form that fits under my GPU SLI block and I'm completely not happy with it(never getting anything powered by Creative again). It would be nice to fit a full sized Xonar in with the freed up space from less GPUs.

Do you guys think this fine tuning is a little over the top and not much of an upgrade? Personally I think fixing a few details that I haven't been satisfied with may be worth it to me but I also value your inputs.
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