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Originally Posted by CTA View Post
awesome... thank you for feedback...

but about msi mobo... i never own one.. is it really good reliable as gigabyte?
Someone please correct me if all this just sounds like conjecture, but I think most people can agree that there's not a lot of difference between Asus, MSI, or Gigabyte. Similarly priced mainstream boards between the three companies don't do a lot to distinguish themselves.

Even their gaming boards are separated only by features, colours, and preference - not quality. They really do work hard to make sure their flagship boards are stable; If there's a particular board that's crappy, you'll know about it.

As for the quality of MSI, there are people that swear by them, and others that will tell you horror stories. I think it was around 2010 when MSI really stepped up their game. Since then, I've owned two of their cyclone cooled video cards, and the stability & cooling was just insane; their twin frozr and triple voltage editions were particularly popular as well.
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