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My System Specs


Haven't seen one all day. Running 2-8054's and a 6099(smp) That 6099 will yield a paltry 13K PPD on a 3820 OC'd to 4.5 GHZ. The other system has 2-8018's about 16K / card /day. and a 7083 for the smp. That smp will yield about 13K PPD on a OC'd 2700K at about 4.5 as well. Man these are tough WU's to get thru. Talk about an uneven playing field....geez. You know a funny thing just looked at the preview post and My PPD so far is 214K. I suspect maybe they are rewarding bonus points for these hardened units. Any thoughts on that? I surely don't think I have seen any 8057's so far.

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