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Ok first thing, budget.
budget is of around Rs. 10,000[$180]

Place where we can buy from? Flipkart Online Shop, the link is below
Computer Components - Buy Graphics Card, TV Tuner Cards, Processors, Cabinets, Motherboards, Internal Hard Drives and Optical Drives Online at Best Prices in India Only at

No Black Friday in India.

And lastly, 2500k is of Rs 13,300[$240] The processor itself is going out of the budget.
I did tell my friend that on his current budget he will have a tough time to actually upgrade it properly.
But if I get the 3220 and the ASUS P8H61-M LX, and the Gskill Snipers, the total cost also goes to around Rs 14,000[$252]

Finally, the figures in $$$ are approximate values that were given to me by google.

So please, all suggestions are welcome
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