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My System Specs


I have owned a lot of AMD and the last year a lot of intel currently thanks to the forum I am running on a 920 at my temp home till I can move my systems and family here.

In order of fastest to slowest that I have owned. C32 Dual 8Core 4280 3.6Ghz Then 3770K 5Ghz Then 920 4.1Ghz Then 8150 at 5.2Ghz then 1090t at 4.4Ghz then 1055 at 4Ghz then last my slowest my mobiles all of which not worth getting into.

The 1366 is still a power house I'm running one right now with my 660 and the CPU is no were near the bottle neck I am actually seriously considering keeping this 1366 as my main rig for some time and just going up to a second 660 and upgrade your Barts card the 6870 is not a power house these days and most people complain it Xfires like a POS but I did not have issues Xfiring mine. go with a 7870 or 660/660Ti and a nice SSD and you will be happy :D
Good Bye HWC it was great :)
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