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My System Specs


SSD and gpu upgrade would be your best bet. A 7870 is quite a bit faster then a 6870 as well, I have both, the difference is actually quite large.
i7 960 @4.0Ghz is still hella fast, a 955/965, 1090/1100t, FX 8350 FX6300 and such are not faster then it, unless you got a sweet 955/965 or thuban to clock up to say 4.4Ghz or better and not need an uber cooler(unlikely)

Like pointed out, FX chips just arent there yet, great multi-core performance, but few games rely on this, Phenom II x4 and x6 are competative to core i7 first gen and somewhat second gen(purely for gaming) but are not better, and at least the core i series are more then a one trick pony, first gen also had some features then second and third gen did not.
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