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I actually just did another run through of all 3 games start to finish. I will say that as a whole it is still a very good trilogy and with the new "fleshed out" endings and the Leviathan DLC, the third one is a good game. Yes the end should have been different, the whole god child thing still rubs me the wrong way. I mean no matter how good you do, you can't win. I get everyone to work together including Krogen and Turian, Geth and Quarian, hell even the Rachni yet no matter which choice I make none of them feel right. I had to choose destroy in the end but I hated losing EDI, and the geth. I didn't mind the crucible idea, but it should have been used as an actual weapon alone with the countless fleets that you amass over the game. But all that said, at least it is passable now. Oh and the new Omega DLC will be coming soon, but sorry EA, I will not be spending another $15 on that game.

One thing though that still really bugs me, why have a card table in the lounge if it is not going to be able to be used!! I mean talk about an opportunity for a mini-game of poker with your trusted crew. I loved hanging out with the people I had befriended (or more) throughout the past 3 games, and would have loved a chance to sit down with them. I mean they all had to have some down time to unwind at least a little bit. Come one, you all know you would have loved to play a game of poker with Garrus, Wrex, Joker, Tali and Liara. I know I would have. Hell break out the drinks while your at it, it would be a blast.
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