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My System Specs


Originally Posted by fortkentdad View Post
So you are recommending the Windows 7 manage the boot menu rather than let Windows 8 manage the boot menu. Interesting. I didn't use either, I just have two drives with an OS and I get a blue DOS screen asking which one I want. (Maybe that is the Windows 7 boot screen ~ I've seen screen images of a more graphic looking boot screen which I'm guessing is the Windows 8 boot screen.)

If I'm reading you right there is advantages to the Windows 7 boot manager in that you can have more than two? Or it is easier to set up more than two? I never considered tweeking my set up to optimize for games, not sure what I'd do differently. In Windows 7 I only get to use 16 of my 32 GB of RAM but that is still plenty for any of the games I play. What settings / resources would I load differently? Minimal start up apps I guess??

I'm just trying to see if I use Windows 8 to load Windows 7, will the Windows 8 Pro upgrade DVD I have load |Windows 7 Pro onto my system or will it ask me to use my |Windows 7 Pro disks? I'll just have to try it and see.
To me it is a matter of personal choice. There are advantages of using Windows 8's own loader and the most obvious one is faster windows 8 loading :D If you are going to use Windows 8 more often then you are probably beter off with Win8's loader. Eventually as W8 matures you could migate to Win8 and no need to dual boot.

In my case I am going to use Windows 7 more for now so Win7 is made my DEFAULT OS therefore I am using Win7's loader. I CAN STILL boot win8 from this loader, however, the loading times are increased for win8.....To me it's not an issue my system is fast and disk access is fast.

16 GB is more than enough, you really don't need all that RAM for games, it's overkill. Remember that 32bit apps/games can only access a certain amount of RAM at one point, so it's useless. Even 8GB is more than enoguh. I use to run with 4GB, now I have 8GB and all runs fine.

The reason I use multiple W7, for my gaming W7 VHD I use a fully optimized OS, strip clean all uneeded components, keep only minimal services running and the rest all disabled, minimal processes etc.
I use RT7Lite + Win7 bosster to tweak my Win7, and use GBooster and a few other tweaking tools to trim the fat and fully optimize the OS.......

So if you are using win8 more, stick to win8's loader.......You CAN install win7 after win8, it will add an entry to the boot list, however, if win7 then becomes your default OS, it will revert to the win7 loader. To restore win8's own loader you will need to boot to windows 8, go to msconfig and set win8's to DEFAULT OS.

You can also do all this manually with different tools if you know what you are doing.....

I absolutely HATE Windows 8's interface, I think M$'s screwed up by forcing this down our throats, I want my PC desktop to look like a PC desktop not a mobile / tablet. lol. Yes I am aware of how to revert to desktop mode, still.......So it all comes down to personal preference, to me, I prefer the Win7 boot screen over Win8 - Some people I know like Win8's boot screen better :D And if you install win7 after win8 and it reverts to your win7 loader you can easily re-enable win8's loader and vice versa, not a problem there, done it a few I know it works.
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