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Originally Posted by tethlah View Post
if I'm looking at a psu, it has 4 12v rails. When thinking about power distribution to parts. Are there considerations involving this? Do I need to identify what plugs on the modular supply are are on what rails and put components on different rails? or is that not how that works? does it even matter?
No. All the PSU plugs are well identified. The molex 5V/12v normally are used for optical drives / HDD, the SATA power cables for SATA drives, CPU has its own plugs, the GPU gets power from the PCI Express power connectors (6+2), etc.

When buying a power supply you will get all the specifications on the PSU itself and on the web site which states the maximum load across different rails....when getting a PSU it's always good to get a higher capacity than you will need, 1) future proofing 2) not risking overloading or running close to load.
When getting a PSU always take into consideration your components, especially the GPU and its requirements, these will draw a lot of amps from the 12v rails - Usually you will get this information on the respective websites.

Otherwise as to your initial questions, no, the PSU takes care of all that, you just plug the appropriate connector to the appropriate device, you can't go wrong there as different connectors are keyed differently........Molex is done one way, SATA power, CPU, PCIe are all different so you can't go wrong there.

Some more expensive PSUs have dedicated rails for PCIe/etc.

Don't really need that, just get a good PSU that mmets the requirements of your components + higher capacity to be safe.
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