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My System Specs


Nice read, I would like to add something to this.

Shroud based coolers that cover the entire card will normally run hotter even though the blower type fan will push the hot air trapped inside the shroud OUTSIDE the case through vents. So it's even more important to get proper case cooling.

I've owned many generation gfx cards all factory OC and never had any issues running the most stressful games during hot summer months. Normally a GPU can handle the heat and are made to run quite hot.....when you get to the point where you have blue screens or games crashing then something is wrong and needs to be rectified.

My case has a side fan blowing air in.......1 front fan blowing air in, 1 rear fan pushing hot air OUT. I used to have 2 rear fans pushing hot air out, but now I have 1 x 120mm PSU fan sucking hot air and pushing out........
Also another thing noticed is the very conservative / quit fan profiles used, where the fan is not running as fast as it should under a certain condition (i.e. when your games crashing and temps getting higher, is your GPU fan running high enough ? In some cases you can manually adjust it and icnrease it to 100% if needed......) noise is not an issue when you are gaming, have headphones on or speakers. I never had GPU overheating issues ever and I've had the 8800GT and 8800GTS cards these MFs ran quite hot, especially the single slot 8800GT, without proper air flow it would be a disaster.
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