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I wonder if I can rent a server and pay with $hit

Seems I can't do it as Canada Post update their non-mailable list

from Canada Post

Generally, non-mailable matter means, but is not limited to, any mail:

that is prohibited by law (e.g., illegal, obscene, fraudulent)
Natural Payment to Microsoft
that contains sexually explicit material unless it is sent in an opaque envelope with the words “ADULT MATERIAL” or similar wording
Sexually explicit material that is sent as Addressed Admail or Unaddressed Admail means images or representations of nudity that are suggestive of sexual activity; images or representations of sexual intercourse, with no context suggesting violence or degradation; or written text that describes sexual acts in a way that is more than purely technical, with no context suggesting violence or degradation.
for which the importing or mailing contravenes an Act of Parliament
that fails to meet certain physical characteristics or marking requirements
that contains products or substances that could:
cause injury to those handling the mail
cause damage to postal equipment or other items, or
cause entrapment of other items.
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